a new way of carrying your professional camera. swiss mountain professionals not only designed it, but also chose the best materials. light, adjustable and comfortable to carry. that’s the new samcam bag.

we did a lot of research and realised that cameramen love this new product. our backpack is the only one of its kind in the world and has been patented.

it’s worn in the same way as a backpack, it’s light – and most important of all, the samcam bag doesn’t get in the way whilst filming.


as a cameraman working in the alps you spend a lot of time in rugged terrain. we were looking for a practical, convenient piece of equipment for carrying our cameras, something which wouldn’t restrict us during filming. so the samcam team constructed a backpack with a single purpose: to make carrying a camera easier, whilst not getting in the way. the system was used for the first time at the 2010 winter olympics in vancouver – and soon everyone was talking about it! fellow cameramen were amazed at how comfortable it was to carry and how easy it was to use. they called the swiss cameraman “the biathlete of cameramen – always ready to shoot!”

at the 2010 fifa soccer world cup in south africa and the 2011 fis ski world cup in garmisch, prototypes of the samcambag were developed further. it was a meeting of minds from around the world – most cameramen could hardly wait to get their hands on a backpack of their own.

the so-called “grampy pro” is the first samcam product. and more practical products are coming soon. all with a single purpose: to make the day to day life of camaramen easier.

up to now we’ve been concentrating fully on the development of the backpack. our worldwide distribution network is still being developed. however, here are a few of the contacts we already have.

switzerland: visuals
france: visuals france
belgium: av group
korea: HNB
kanada: support communication inc.

deliver worldwide from our online store. on request delivery can be made within three to five working days.


the samcambag “grampy pro” is available from our online store. payments are made using paypal, the best method for the protection of both buyer and seller.

for delivery within SWITZERLAND in chf
CHF 389.00 per bag / chf 19.00 postage & packing

  in stock

for delivery within EUROPE in euro
€ 325.00 per bag / € 42.00 postage & packing

  in stock

for worldwide delivery in usd
$ 419.00 per bag / $ 45.00 postage & packing

  in stock

we want you to be happy with the purchase of your samcam bag and grant you a 60 day money-back guarantee for a full product refund (excluding postage & packing). the product can be fully inspected but not used in the field, as it will no longer be new and re-sellable. returns must be received within 60 days of the date of purchase. opening the shoulder strap(s) and removing the hang tag will not void a return, but please try and avoid it until you know you will keep the bag.

if you have any questions, especially on how to mount the camera – please check our videos in the media center first. we are happy to help you should you request it. Please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Warranty, General Terms & Conditions (184k PDF)

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