Our Cineflex has two camera options:

Cineflex Ultra

For feature films and documentaries, using our Red Epic Weapon camera with up to 8k. The light and universally employable camera. Equipped with a 30-300mm cine lens.

Cineflex V14

For TV and live broadcasts with up to 6k. Equipped with a Fujinon ha 42 x 9.7 lens – suitable for being close to the object.

The system can be mounted on helicopters, cable cars and, with a special attachment, on our Cine Truck.

For helicopter mounting, we have attachments for the following types of helicopters:

AS350 | AS355 | Robinson R44 und R66

Datenblatt Cineflex Ultra (pdf)

cineflex - helikopter kamera in dubai

best aerial camera - our shotover f1

shotover f1 samcam film box 2

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Here’s a small selection from our archive.

drones - even more aerial competence

drone mountain crew box

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